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Show Notes

  • Hollywood life isn’t all glamorous red carpets and spotlights. What does an average working day look like for Terry, and what supplemental duty has he had to push back against?
  • A lot of busy people don’t get around to reading one or two books a week, but for Terry, it makes being busy all the more possible.
  • What are some realizations about success that have come to Terry while reading Walter Isaacson’s The Code Breaker and watching the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance?
  • What’s the biggest mistake a lot of people make — in every walk of life — that causes the most amount of unnecessary suffering?
  • How did Terry break himself of the habit of “victimology?” What initiated the event his family now refers to as “the D-Day moment,” and why did he carry a lifelong aversion to therapy that could have possibly helped him sooner?
  • What you should be prepared to do without if you’re intent on living life as if you’re in a revenge movie, and what Terry did to regain control of his own actions instead of defaulting to chaos.
  • Terry shares real-life examples that demonstrated — to his family as well as himself — that he could break destructive, impulsive patterns of behavior in favor of positive, responsible ones.
  • How endurance plays into the way Terry demonstrates strength these days compared to how he expressed it in his earlier, more bombastic iteration.
  • Why Terry believes the world determines winners way too early — and what we should be doing instead.
  • How can competition be the opposite of creativity if resistance is crucial to growth? Terry explains.
  • Terry’s thoughts on protest movements that don’t begin with the aim of reconciliation.
  • Terry illustrates why he really is a category of one — even when he sometimes lapses in the midst of trying to live his most teachable life.
  • Genius words from a (Thelonius) Monk, Terry’s war with cynicism, and other parting thoughts.


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